The kitchen at the heart of the home


Building of Townscape Merit, Conservation area

In the last couple of decades, the kitchen has become a much more dynamic room, moving to the centre of the home where it is about creativity and sociability, as much as cooking.

With a new open-plan kitchen at the heart of the design, we replaced an existing conservatory on this Building of Townscape Merit near Kew Gardens with a contemporary, bronze-clad extension. The ribbed, asymmetric ceiling was designed to minimise noise and reverberation in the large space, while at the same time creating a spacious, dramatic feel. To make the new space bright, fresh and welcoming, natural light shines through the metal-framed windows and clearstory rooflights, but solar control glazing makes sure that it does not get too hot in summer or cold in winter.

Broomfield Road 07

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