Smith and Company


This was the first project we completed as McDaniel Woolf, back in 1989, and it still has a special place in our hearts.

Working for an independent graphic designer in London’s Covent Garden, we created an intimate, yet distinctive design studio within a restricted area. By introducing additional columns to sub-divide the space, we defined specific zones for working, meeting and administration, ingeniously housed inside an irregularly shaped room. We then visually re-connected the zones with bespoke feature lighting. Careful selection of materials, including traditional linoleum, expressed metal bolts and a rough-textured wall finish, added to the semi-industrial feel.

In 2015 we revisited the studio to find that our designer client was still delighted with the design and that it had remained virtually unchanged. Just a new coat of paint had been applied every few years to refresh the interior.

SmithCo_03 SmithCo_05