A 21st-century scout and boating centre


Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts

Thanks mainly to fires and German bombs, the Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts have been through six scout huts 106 years – hence the troop’s name, Phoenix. The current facilities in the beautiful Douglas House Meadow, Richmond, were built by the scouts themselves over 50 years ago, but these are now worn out, small and basic.

So we’ve been asked to help out. The meadow is in the Ham House Conservation Area and the new building will be in the same location, tucked away against the trees. As well as creating a larger main deck for indoor activities and games, our design will include disabled access, separate toilet and changing for boys and girls, a more energy-efficient structure, sound-proofing, dry storage for camping equipment and space for boat storage and maintenance. The materials will be robust and redolent of naval architecture, to reflect the Sea Scout heritage. The hut will be energy efficient,as well as robust, to prevent any further fires.

Planning permission was granted in summer 2014 and the scouts are fundraising in earnest with a view to starting construction in 2017.

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