Reverso table


Most homes do not have the luxury of a separate dining room, so the majority of dining tables have to perform many day to day functions, as well as being used for special occasions.

The Reverso table was developed as a solution for day-to-day dining, working, playing and even messy craft activities, but with the ability to transform easily into a smart table for formal dining.

The clever solution is a double-sided top with simple connecting system, which means that a quick change of surfaces can transform the setting. On one surface a natural linoleum is durable and practical, and this can be chosen from a variety of colours to suit the interior decoration. The other has a high quality, hand-selected, polished timber veneer, to provide a quality dining experience.

The base and legs are manufactured in English oak and the component assembly enables the table to be quickly relocated around the home, in response to many uses.

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