A new Thames crossing – Radnor Bridge


The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is the only London borough on both sides of the Thames. Our aim is to build a new, 90m-span pedestrian and cycle bridge between Twickenham and Ham: there are many social and economic advantages to be gained by connecting two communities. The new crossing will link cycle routes across the river, helping to reduce traffic, as well as providing access to open land for recreation.

Radnor Bridge will have an elegant architectural form, and be as much about the landscape as the structure, with the topology on each bank being integrated into the design to create two different responses. The deck will provide two segregated levels of connection across the Thames. The higher level will be for foot travellers, while the lower level will be for cyclists.

Most importantly, we see the footbridge and associated paths and cycle tracks being engineered to protect biodiversity, creating in a green corridor through to Richmond Park, and on to the heart of London, completing the Arcadian vision of previous generations.

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