Craftsmanship and integrity for Linley


Linley’s second furniture and design showroom was set in a 1956 Grade II Listed building by the modernist architect Erno Goldfinger. We were asked to communicate the exquisite craftsmanship and quality associated with Linley, while respecting the architectural integrity of the building.

After historic research, the new stainless steel and glass frontage carefully replicated the original design. On the ground floor, a 12-metre wall cabinet took its inspiration from Goldfinger’s distinctive Golden Section façade. Made from walnut, glass and stainless steel, it provided a rich backdrop in which to present the company’s smaller items. The in-store technology was subtly concealed, with cantilevered desks housing the tills. In the back of the walnut-floored space, an original spiral staircase lead to the lower showroom and hospitality area.

The lower-ground floor consultation area conveyed a more understated style of luxury. Soft floor finishes complemented the Macassar ebony fixtures. Recessed and surface mounted lighting created a soothing ambience, with a feature pendant over the spiral staircase echoing the original 1956 design.

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