Creating the new, respecting the old


Arguably our most impressive total residential design to date, this is a six-bedroom, detached Victorian house in Teddington. The original front façade was refurbished and extended to complement the local streetscape, but the back of the property is contemporary, with large feature glazed sliding doors opening to a landscaped garden beyond.

Although most of the original house was demolished, materials were reclaimed where possible — for example the bricks were reused to create a feature wall, while floorboards and joists were made into shelving and doors for the new wine cellar. A glazed staircase leads to the newly excavated basement, which houses a home cinema, games room with bar, wine cellar, gym area and bathroom with sauna. Within the interior we designed 6 bathrooms, new staircases, furniture and a walk-in wardrobe.

Natural light pours into the building from roof lights. Renewable energy sources, including solar thermal panels set into the slate roof, provide hot water for the under-floor heating. A large rainwater harvesting tank helps with garden irrigation.

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